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Knowing what we need from therapy isn't always clear.  Often we are simply aware of our experience of feeling alone, overwhelmed, sad, or disconnected.  Our day to day moments, stress, relationships, work can feel off, stuck, or hopeless.

While generally individual therapy can be meandering, I believe in holding a deep focus and clarity on our goals, purpose and building awareness of the patterns and dynamics that keep you from your goals.

With that clarity, we have at it and walk to the path with deep support.  

We do this in either weekly sessions or in intensive blocks where we are focused on one or two areas.

If interested in individual therapy, please reach out to schedule a consultation so we can assess if we are a mutual fit for work together.

My individual therapy slots are typically booked out several months.  Please contact me to get on my waitlist. 

A no fee consultation will occur to ensure we are a mutual fit. You have a right to request a written Good Faith Estimate of Expected Charges under the No Surprises Act.

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