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The intensive coaching format for individuals is unique in that instead of the meandering path of therapy we focus on one or two places of shift desired in your life.  Examples of this would be parenting patterns, relationship to your self, boundaries in relationships, wanting more connection in your life.


We will get this clear in our first session and look at the patterns and dynamics that are keeping you from your goals.


Then we go for it, staying on the path and allowing you deep support while you bravely step into the territory you've been seeking.  The intensive takes out all of the side stories and catch ups that fill up a lot of typical sessions and demand a focus on the goal you are committing to initially.


Intensives are scheduled in 2 hour sessions over a two to four week span for about 12-14 hours.  Then we take a several week break so you can practice the shifts and tools you learned and we return to fine tune them. Additional weekly sessions are scheduled closing out at 20 hours.  


- Learning new skills 

- Understanding your own reactions, defenses and needs 

- Understanding and shifting a core pattern 

- Committing to new connection practices and self-awareness​  


Intensives are priced at $6,000 with a non-refundable $1,000 deposit. When we schedule your intensive we can discuss meeting in person or via zoom. All 2022 intensives are sold out. Please reach out for a consult call if you would like to be added to the waitlist for 2023. All intensive blocks are booked in full at the time of scheduling. If you would like to continue coaching individually or otherwise after our session, it is likely that I would have to refer you as I currently have limited space. Cancellation is refundable with two months notice with the deductible of an administrative fee of $75.

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