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Equine Facilitated Psycotherapy

How It Works

Short term adjunctive therapy focused on attachment and relational trauma for adults. 

What happens in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy?


The hyper-sensitive nervous system of a 1,000lb animal is intuitively responsive to the nervous systems around it - this is the path of known safety to the horse who relies on the herd. So what happens first is we observe, slow down, and notice that when we are in a particular state, the horse is in a particular state. When we hold our breath and unconsciously hold tension on the most subtle level, the horse has that tension and reacts - the more the tension, the larger the reaction. We cannot deny this mirror, especially when an exhale stops a pacing nervous horse.


A mindfulness relaxation technique, which generally would be a dull and frustrating attempt for a regulation, is suddenly magically crucial because the gift of connection with the horse is the reward and the bliss.


As clients learn to regulate and find safety in their bodies and connect with the horse, more significant movements and work can be explored, such as working in an arena with a free horse and using gestures of pushing out (boundaries) and reaching for (connection). These gestures may stir up trauma or negative memories, causing nervous system dysregulation. The relational mirror of the horse shows demonstrates all of our areas of work and focus.


These are just some of the endless ways that horses can be guides to our own nervous system and healing. Horses have been one of the most remarkable healing gifts of my life, and the beauty of sharing their gifts of healing never ceases to break my heart open.

A no fee consultation will occur to ensure we are a mutual fit. You have a right to request a written Good Faith Estimate of Expected Charges under the No Surprises Act.

Equine Work

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