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from deep disconnection,unconscious behavior patterns and struggle -  



I received a MA in Counseling Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies with a concentration in Somatic Psychology.  Beyond my primary studies, I have advanced training in EMDR, EFT, and Relational Life Therapy I, II and III, as well as Certification in the Treatment of Child and Adolescent Anxiety and OCD, Hypnosis, Complex Trauma and Wilderness First Aid.


I previously served as the Board Chair and President of Seeds of Awareness. I have Guest Lectured in graduate level studies on Somatic techniques in Equine Facilitated Therapy.


I was previously a therapist at the Center for Somatic Psychotherapy as well as a School Counselor.

Before becoming a therapist, I had a successful career as an Executive in the Corporate Sector.


Beyond my personal work, I have participated in eight years of in-depth personal Somatic Couples and Group work with teacher Debra Chamberlin Taylor whose practices greatly inform my work.


I am sensitive to issues of marginalization, belonging, and strive to have cultural humility.  I have been married for almost two decades, and am a mother to two children.

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Image by Tanya Anguita, Frogsong Photography

Wanting change is hard.

Not only did I used to believe life couldn’t be different, I convinced myself

I didn't want it to be.  It seemed like some kind of dream that things could be even a little different. Somatic Therapy was the magic that brought me through complex trauma and back to myself, to my emotions and to the possibility for connection and joy.  Somatic Therapy was also the path to healing and connection in my marriage.


When I work with you, I bring my training but I also bring my whole self.  I am warm, compassionate, and above all present.  Coming to therapy is a radical act of bravery and trust.  I have the utmost respect for this act and will meet you with both my big heart and protective spirit.



You will find me direct, engaged and curious about all you bring.

We will use what both your body and your words tell us to support your path

to healing.  This can involve talking, moving, quiet, and other forms of inquiry.


I know that this healing work can make things better. It’s not easy or simple

but my own body has shown me the depth of how we hold our trauma and

how that impacts the way we live in our worlds.

I have experienced the challenges and victories of in-depth couples work and parenting work personally.  I know well the pain of disconnection and the path to healing in couple and family relationships.


Let's explore together how your body and mind can bring forth wisdom, connection and balance

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