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Couples Coaching Intensive

"LOVE is not for the FAINT of HEART" - Terry Real

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The couples coaching intensive is intended for couples who know that change is urgent and working slowly over many weeks is too painful and intolerable. The coaching model varies from the therapy model in that we are more focused on the now, you are extremely ready for active shifts, and you want very direct feedback.


Using RLT, and my somatic training we get to the heart of the issue in a no nonsense way so that dynamic shifts happen immediately. Intensives are scheduled with a one or two day start followed by sessions of 1.5 hours every other week for a total of approximately 20 hours.  In the intensive we will likely be working on; ​


- Learning new skills and practical tools

- Understanding your own reactions, defenses and needs

- Witnessing your partner in owning self-responsibility and awareness of patterns

- Understanding and shifting a core couple pattern

- Committing to new connection practices and self-awareness​


Intensives are priced at approximately $6,000 with a non-refundable $1,000 deposit. When we schedule your intensive we can discuss meeting in person or via zoom.  Please reach out for a consult call if you would like to be scheduled in 2024.  All intensive blocks are booked in full at the time of scheduling. If you would like to continue coaching after our session, it is likely that I would have to refer you as I currently have limited space. Cancellation is refundable with two months notice with the deductible of an administrative fee of $75.

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