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Couples Therapy


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We all have patterns in intimate relationships that we unconsciously developed long ago.  Especially in our love relationships, we can feel stuck in interlocking patterns.


Together we will explore existing relationship patterns, invite new levels of connection, and work toward the possibility of individual and relational healing.


I work well with couples who have tried various therapies and still feel stuck as well as couples challenged with power imbalances. While individual therapy can be supportive, relationships can mirror the places we are stuck.


Many modalities of couples therapy move slowly, and can feel like a painfully long road.  Utilizing both Somatic Modalities and Relational Life Therapy combined with trauma therapies, couples are often surprised at just how quickly we get to the heart of the issues that are causing disconnection.

I work with Couples in private intensive sessions.  Intensives are generally 15 sessions in length meeting every other week with session length lasting between 60 and 90 minutes. Half day or private retreats can also be arranged to accommodate work and family schedules and couples often find immediate relief in this type of kick off. 

Each couples intensive is likely to include;

- Learning new skills and practical tools

- Understanding your own reactions, defenses and needs

- Witnessing your partner in deep work 

- Trauma work

- Understanding and shifting a core pattern

- Committing to new connection practices and self-awareness​


To enroll in the next available couples block, contact me to get on my waitlist. 



A no fee consultation will occur to ensure we are a mutual fit before our intensive begins.  You have a right to request a written Good Faith Estimate of Expected Charges under the No Surprises Act.

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