Somatic Therapy
for Couples and Families

Somatic Equine Assisted Therapy
for Children

Meeting Virtually and In Person in Woodacre, CA


Disconnection in our primary partnership is painful.  The patterns we operate in are often unconscious.


With loving attention, we can quickly find our way back to connection, passion, and joy.

Children and Families

When one family member is struggling, our whole family is out of balance.


Child and Family Therapy can support both individuals struggling as well as the whole system to restore connection, and communication.

My name is Cara

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When you are struggling in your relationship or your child is struggling it can be like you are rowing in a boat with one oar missing, feeling unsure how to navigate out of a spinning circle.  Somatic Therapy can support finding the calm center from which to navigate forward.

As a wife and mother of two, I know well the incredible challenges of these roles. I’ve worked through my own deep struggles through 14 years of marriage and 13 years of parenting.  Through my personal experience and work as well as my training as a Somatic Psychotherapist and LMFT, I have gained a passion for quickly getting to the heart of the challenge in complex family systems.