• CJ Gereau

Your Body Knows That There's a Crisis

As we go about the business of our lives in a pandemic, we busy ourselves with all kinds of tasks. No matter your circumstance, no matter your coping strategies, your body knows that there is a crisis. Our evolutionary systems have been designed for this very task; we perceive danger and our brains fire accordingly. This bath of adrenaline and cortisol can send us into a stress response which can easily become chronic. Chronic stress creates extensive damage to our precious bodies.

While it's true that there is a crisis, and true that we need strategic response, we can also bring awareness to our current state and make time to calm our nervous system and relieve that stress. We can find moments of safety that offer much needed relief. When we do this, we help support our much needed immune system.

I'll be sharing a series of somatic tools on this blog to support you in calming your nervous system. Wishing you moments of calm wherever you can find them and good health.

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