• CJ Gereau

Orienting; The Tool We All Need Right Now

Have you ever noticed how thinking about a situation, time, or place can make you feel as if you are there? This is true when we think of positive thoughts; a favorite nature place, a hug, a wonderful meal. This is also true when we think of a past negative event or anticipate a future negative event; when we read a news article predicting a crisis, anticipate financial stress, expect our lives will be in turmoil. We think the thought and our brain and body believe we are there now and send us into fight/flight/freeze accordingly. Our world is filled with this input right now. How do we come back to moments of safety when we find them? How do we quickly help our children to do the same? Orienting is a tool that is useful and easy to incorporate in everyday life with yourselves, with children, and with groups. Wishing you wellness and health.

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