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suffering, the whole family is 

Our children are faced with so much overwhelm in these times.  Anxiety, Self Harm and Eating Disorders are unfortunate challenges that families are facing.

I work with children on these issues, with my Equine guides as majestic mirrors for regulation, connection, understanding of ones own patterns and body sensations.  Equine session content, with agreement from the child, is then brought into family sessions so that the entire family can shift toward balance and cohesion.


While child equine therapy alone can be supportive, I have found that working with the family can allow for deeper support.

Child  Equine and

Family Therapy


All Equine work occurs on the ground, and in some cases a child might sit on a horse bareback or be led on a horse.


Horses have incredible sensitivity that allows for dramatic shifts when our emotional congruency changes.  This mirror to the self allows children the focus, curiosity, and thrill of seeing a 1,000 pound animal sense their state and react accordingly. 


While horses are social, they offer their trust and relationship to those who can exhibit a trustworthy and grounded presence.


Equine Work

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